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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Beginner Hindi lesson 9 - Past tense and birthday

Lesson 9 - Past tense and birthday  Level : beginner            11/01/2012                      

Prepared by Vidya Nahar at Balodyan ( )

Learning objectives :
1)  Describe an event in the past.
2)  Say today's day, date and say when your birthday is.
3)  Learn the concept of before and after ( pahale aur baad meN ).

Describe your Halloween experience in past tense.

इस साल हॅलोवीन बुधवार को था |= This year Halloween was on Wednesday.
is saal haloviin budhavaar ko thaa |
मैं हॅलोवीनपर (आप की पोशाक) बना था/थी|= I was (your costume) on Halloween.
maiN haloviin par (your costume) banaa thaa (m) / thii (f)|

Today's day, date and your birthday.
आज शुक्रवार, २ नवंबर है | = Today is Friday, November 2nd.
aaj shukravaar, 2 navambar hai |

मेरा जन्मदिन (तारीख और महीना) को होता है | = My birthday is (month & date).
meraa janmadin (date and month) ko hotaa hai |

Before and after.
शुक्रवार शनिवार से पहले आता है | = Friday comes before Saturday.
shukravaar shanivaar se pahale aataa hai |

शुक्रवार गुरूवार के बाद में आता है | = Friday comes after Thursday.
shukravaar guruuvaar ke baad meN aataa haiN |

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