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Friday, October 26, 2012

Begiiner Hindi lesson 8 - Days and Months.


Lesson 8 - Days and Months. 10/25/2012. 
Prepared by Vidya Nahar at Balodyan ( )
Level : beginner.

Learning objectives :

1)  Learn the names of days and months in Hindi along with numbers (dates).

2)  Describe what special class you do on each day of the week.

3)  Tell us the day Halloween falls this year and what you'll be on Halloween.

Examples of weekly activities (choose or modify as needed)

)  मैं सोमवार को कुमान जाता हूँ | = I go to Kumon on Monday.

      maiN somavaar ko kumaan jaataa huuN |

२) मैं मंगलवार को तैरने जाती हूँ | = I go to a swim class on Tuesday.
      maiN mangalavaar ko tairane jaatii huuN|    
३) मैं बुधवार को टेनिस खेलने जाता हूँ | = I play tennis on Wednesday.
   maiN budhavaar ko Tenis khelane jaataa huuN |

Halloween Description.

हॅलोवीन इकतीस अक्टूबर को आता है|= Halloween is celebrated on October 31st.

haloviin ikatiis akTuubar ko aataa hai |

 इस साल हॅलोवीन बुधवार को आएगा|=This year Halloween will be on Wednesday.

is saal haloviin budhavaar ko aaegaa |

मैं हॅलोवीनपर(आप की पोशाक) बनूँगा/बनूँगी|=I'll be (your costume) on Halloween.

maiN haloviin par (your costume) banuuNgaa / banuuNgii.

मुझे हॅलोवीन बहुत पसंद है | = I like Halloween a lot.

mujhe haloviin bahut pasand hai |

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