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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Beginner Hindi lesson 4 - Describe your native place.

Lesson 4 - Describe your native place.  09/27/2012.
Prepared by Vidya Nahar at Balodyan ( )
Level : beginner
Learning objectives :

1) Describe your and your parents' native place with the post-position "se".  


Post-positions in Hindi

Prepositions in English such as from, of, to, in, before, after that come BEFORE a noun or a pronoun become post-positions such as se, kaa, ko, meN, pahale, baad meN  in Hindi and are placed AFTER the noun or the pronoun.


१) नमस्ते | मैं (नाम) हूँ | मैं (गाँव) से हूँ |  =  Hello. I am (name).  I am from (town).

namaste | maiN (name) hooN |  maiN (town) se hooN |

If your parents are from two separate towns in India, please say the following two sentences.

) मेरी मम्मी (भारत का शहर / गाँव) से हैं | = My mother is from (town in India).

merii  mammii  (townin India) se haiN|


) मेरे पापा (भारत का शहर / गाँव) से हैं | =   My father is from (town in India).

mere paapaa (town in India) se haiN|


If both of your parents are from the same town in India, say the following.

४) मेरे मम्मी - पापा, दोनों भी (भारत का शहर / गाँव) से हैं | = My mom and dad, both are from (town in India).

mere mammii - paapaa, donoN bhii (town in India) se haiN.

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