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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Beginner Hindi lesson 1 - Introducing self.

Lesson 1 - Introducing self.   09/06/2012.

Prepared by Vidya Nahar at Balodyan ( )

Level : beginner.

Learning objectives :

1) Learn to say your name, your town's name, your school's name, your age and your friend's name.


 2) Ask others about their name, town, school, age and friend.


3) The sentence order in Hindi is subject + object + verb.


4) The verb always comes in the end, whether it is a statement or a question.


Below is some of the vocabulary we used in class 1.

नमस्ते |     namaste.    Hello.

मैं  हूँ |           maiN   huuN.            I  am.

तुम हो |    tum (for peers)   ho.   You are.

आप हैं |        aap (for parents, grandparents, strangers, authority)   haiN. You are.

कहाँ ?           kahaaN  ?      where ?

क्या ?             kyaa ?                 what  ?

कितने ?        kitane ?               how many ?

लड़का           laRakaa              boy

लड़के             laRake                boys

लड़की            laRakii                girl

लड़कियाँ        laRakiyaaN       girls



मेरा परिचय = My introduction

1) मेरा नाम (नाम) है | =  My name is (your name).

     meraa naam (your name) hai |

     my      name ( your name)  is.


2) मैं (गाँव का नाम) में रहता / रहती हूँ | = I live in (your town's name).

     maiN (town's name) meN rahataa (boy) / rahatii (girl) huuN |

      I          (town's name) in      live.                                            


3) मैं (उम्र) साल का / की हूँ |  =   I am (your age) years old.

   maiN (your age) saal kaa / kii huuN |

    I        (age)          years of         am.                                   


4) मेरी स्कूल का नाम (स्कूल का नाम) है | = My school's name is(school's name).

merii skuul kaa naam (your school's name) hai |

my     school's   name  (your school's name) is.


5) मेरे / मेरी दोस्त का नाम (नाम) है | = My friend's name is (friend's name).

    mere (friend is a boy) / merii (friend is a girl) dost kaa naam (friend's name) hai|

    my                                                                           friend's   name  (friend's name) is.


Questions to ask others.


१) तुम्हारा नाम क्या है ?   =        What is your name ?

       tumhaaraa naam kyaa hai ?

       your             name what is ?


२) तुम कहाँ रहते / रहती हो ?   =    Where do you live ?

       tum kahaaN rahate (to a boy) / rahatii (to a girl) ho ?

       you  where   live                      do ?


३) तुम कितने साल के / की हो ? = How old are you ?

       tum kitane          saal   ke / kii ho ?

       you  how many  years old          are ?


४) तुम्हारी स्कूल का नाम क्या है ?  =  What is the name of your school ?

      tumhaarii skuul kaa naam kyaa hai ?

      Your          school's   name what is ?


५) तुम्हारे / तुम्हारी दोस्त का नाम क्या है ?  =  What is the name of your friend?

      tumhaare / tumhaarii dost kaa naam kyaa hai ?

      Your                                friend's  name  what is ?


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